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Dinner Napkins - Set of 2

Servilletas Cinco de Mayo



Set of 2 napkins hand embroidered napkins on 100% cream linen. The napkins are embroidered with floral designs in multicolor and finished with a zig-zag border around the periphery.
  • Due to the intricate embroidery work, we recommend hand wash in cold water or dry clean only. 

    These napkins were created by artisans in Aguacatenango, which is a small community in Chiapas.  Aguacatenango is particularly known for its floral embroidery, which adorn their traditional blouses. The community itself is agricultural, as men spend three-quarters of the year away from the village to harvest maize.  Corn, therefore, has significant symbolic meaning for the community, as the livelihoods of the people depend on it. The women supplement family income by producing garments and homeware with traditional floral motifs that mirror the flora and fauna of the region.

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