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Curado de Cristina

Huipil Angel Nieve



Huipils are native to the women of San Pedro Amuzgo. It feature an oversized shape and hand woven blue cotton with white geometric detailing.


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The Huipil pieces come from the community of San Pedro Amuzgo. It is a community in Oaxaca that is known for its backstrap weaving which dates back to pre-hispanic times. 

The process starts with cleaning and beating the raw cotton fibers, then spinning them into thread using a supported spindle called a malacate (large whorl-less spindle which spins in a small cup). The thread is wound into skeins of yarn and dyed.

One end of the warp threads are fastened to a wooden rod and the other end is held by a wood stick or rod which is then fastened to the weaver by a belt that goes around her back. The weaving is done by raising half the warp threads to create a space or shed through which the shuttle passes. To create two different sheds, the weaver uses a wood pole called a shed rod that half the warp passes over and string heddles tied to another wooden rod, that the other half of the warp passes through.
These designs are part of these artisan communities’ identities and heritage and are intended to last for generations.

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