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Kids Sweat Set

Chica Daisy Grey Sweatshirt & Sweatpant

$62.50 $125

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With bright embroidery detail on the sleeves and legs, this sweat set is the perfect outfit, effortlessly cute and incredibly comfortable. The set includes a sweatshirt and sweatpants that are great together and worn separately. With the matching Mommy set, this will be a go-to outfit.


This sweat set runs true to size. 


Aguacatenango is a small community that borders the famous ceramic-producing village of Ametenango del Valle in Chiapas.  Aguacatenango is particularly known for its embroidered blouses, which are traditionally worn by the women in the village. The men in Aguacatenango are farmers and spend three-quarters of the year away from the villages to harvest maize.  Corn therefore has significant symbolic meaning for the community as the livelihoods of the people depend on it. The women supplement family income while the men are away by embroidering blouses and selling them. The embroidery on the blouses made in Aguacatenango use traditional floral motifs that mirror the flora and fauna of Chiapas.


Due to the intricate embroidery work, we recommend washing and drying on delicate settings, iron on low.

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