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Mexican Heritage Month

José María Alejos Cerano

Ceramics are Jose’s passion & he loves his job deeply. His goal each day is to work hard to continue to get better at what he does. He puts his heart & soul into every single one of his pieces to ensure others are able to experience what beautiful artisanal work his hometown creates. 

José María Alejos Cerano

When Jose began working with clay, he was 10 years old. His father taught him ceramic glazing techniques & how to build all the different parts necessary to put together the pineapple ceramics. His mother would ensure that Jose was making each piece with all the correct measurements and work with him to create the finished product. This process was key to ensuring that each piece lived up to the highest standards & was the best quality for customers who purchased these pieces at the artisanal markets.

The artisanal workshop of José María Alejos Cerano can be visited year-round in the community:

San José de Gracia, municipio de Tangancícuaro, en la calle Morelos, número 43.