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Mexican Heritage Month

Marcos & Antonio Martínez

Antonio and Marcos Martinez are brother-in-laws. Both are extremely passionate about ceramics and grateful for the support of their family. Their families live in the same home, allowing them to collaborate on many of their ceramic projects. Their past joint projects include plates, bowls, and a variety of decorative pieces.

The Martínez family has been awarded over 50 first place titles in different national artisanal art competitions across Mexico. Their pieces are purchased and shipped all over Mexico as well as to the U.S.

Marcos Martinez

Marcos Martinez has been creating pottery for 30 years. He is from Capula, Michoacan & works with traditional Capula techniques that use different types of natural clay. This natural clay is mixed together to create rich, earthy tones that are then sculpted and decorated by hand. Marcos first draws on the pieces with pencil before painting with a special glaze. Marcos’s wife, Rosy, helps him draw many of these designs. Each piece has its own unique pattern & shape with intricate hand-done details. Marcos’s pieces can take anywhere from a few of weeks to a few months to finalize.

Antonio Martínez

Antonio Martinez began creating pottery when he was 12 years old. 33 years later, Antonio now creates all of his exquisite ceramics from his home in Capula, Michoacan. He was taught the craft by his father, Sr. Rodolfo Martinez, who guided him through all of the processes. Antonio first began with traditional floral techniques that use a Capulin Cherry Flower–something he now incorporates into some of his designs. He is truly inspired by his love for different flowers & fish and always works to mix these elements into his designs which have become one of his favorite ways to design different patterns on his pieces.