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Mexican Heritage Month

Guadalupe Garcia Rios

Master Ceramist

A Note from cristina

I met Guadalupe in March of 2020 when we celebrated my mom’s birthday in Michoacán. My mom was fortunate enough to purchase one of Guadalupe’s award winning pieces. It was such a treat to learn about her process, meet her family and get to know the artist behind these incredible pieces. Her dedication to her art is so inspiring and I can’t wait to decorate my home with her pieces. I am honored to be featuring Guadalupe as one of our artists for Hispanic Heritage month!

About Guadalupe:

Guadalupe has been making pottery for over 24 years and is rapidly gaining recognition as a high quality producer of ceramics. Her specialty is "ceramica alta temperatura" (high temperature/high fire ceramics). Fired at over 1,250 degrees and inspired by pre-Hispanic designs and nature, her designs and creativity are unparalleled.

Guadalupe lives in the village Tzintzuntzan near Lake Patzcuaro, one of many Michoacan towns sustaining the tradition of alfareria (pottery making). Tzintzuntzan's traditional glaze colors and designs are unmistakable, although Guadalupe has gone beyond tradition and found a niche of her own in the world of ceramics. Her work is inspired in part by Pre-Hispanic designs, but also by scenes of the countryside and nature. She feels that she is giving back to the earth when she incorporates volcanic peaks, wildlife, and lakes in her pieces.