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Isabela Blouse

Isabela Blanca


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Introducing the Isabela. Elevate your ensemble with our exquisite short dress, boasting long sleeves and delicate pleated accents for an elegant touch. Crafted with care, each piece showcases intricate hand embroidery, adorned with captivating flowers for a truly distinctive flair. The straight V neckline adds a modern edge, making this dress a timeless statement piece for any occasion.


The Isabela runs small, we recommend . 

Bri is 5'9 wearing a size Small. 


Chiapas is the southernmost Mexican state bordering Guatemala known for its mountainous highlands, Mayan history, and its bright colored embroidery, and weaving that comes from the pre-Hispanic heritage times. With three main indigenous groups, it is estimated that 56% of the population speaks indigenous language. 

The women of Chiapas’ are known for their traditional hand-embroidery and woven cloth by backstrap loom. Passed down from generation to generation, the girls often learn to embroider before they learn to speak Spanish. Mi Golondrina is proud to partner with over 300 artisans in Chiapas today.


Due to the intricate embroidery work and gentle fabric, we recommend to wash on a delicate setting. 

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