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Floral Dresses for Women

Our floral collection features a variety of tops and dresses for women, hand-embroidered by Mexican artisans. Floral fabric from France is detailed with hand-embroidery from Mexican artisans. Each piece is completed to the highest quality so you can wear your floral piece for seasons to come. Explore our collection of dresses ranging in lengths, including midi dresses, and our blouses adorned with a variety of sleeves.

Mi Golondrina’s core value is to share the beauty of traditional Mexican embroidery with the world. Each year we partner with our artisan partners to develop new collections that highlight the centuries old techniques utilized by each community. Importantly, we pay these artisans fair wages. This is key to building sustainable, lasting relationships with these communities. Our floral collection will be the centerpiece of your wardrobe with blooming and elegant French fabric