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Selma Blouse

Selma Celeste




Our Selma blouse is influenced by vintage Mexican peasant blouses that showcase embroidered designs and a relaxed feel. The blouse is made of 100% soft cotton with embroidered motifs of Golondrinas and flowers across the bodice. It has an elastic band at the hem and at the arm holes, allowing for the blouse to be worn comfortably untucked and is finished with a tassel at the neck. The cuffs of the arms also feature small ruffle detail with deshilado. 


If you have further questions, please email We would love to help you find your perfect piece.


Aguascalientes, located in Southeastern Mexico, is best known for its beautiful cut-out lace.  The lace accents the community’s exquisite clothing and tabletop pieces. There are over 100 artisans with whom we partner artisans to create these works of art. The process begins with the artisan measuring where the lace will be cut out and drawing lines in the fabric.  This is followed by the incredible process of cutting out the lace with a sharp razor or needle.  Following the cutting of the lace, additional patterned details are traditionally sewn in, such as crosses (Jesusito), flowers (Filigrana) or diamonds (Diamantes).


Due to the intricate embroidery work, we recommend dry clean only.

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