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Lo siento hermosa, our pieces are one of a kind… Please contact us for more options.

Spring Blouses for Women

Shop new blouses and tops for women at Mi Golondrina. Discover artisan-crafted tops for the spring season! Free ground shipping on all U.S. orders. Our blouses are hand-embroidered by artisans, honoring traditions that have been passed down for centuries. Each of our blouses features embroidery, crocheted edging and hand-smocking.

When you’re shopping for exquisite spring tops for women, you’ll fall in love with our Mexican spring blouses and women’s spring tops. We have options that are bright and cheerful, soft and sweet, dark and bold, or perfectly neutral. But the most important aspect of these cute spring tops is the craftsmanship that lies behind each and every stitch.

Mi Golondrina works directly with traditional artisan communities throughout Mexico to source finely crafted textiles like our women’s summer blouses. Each handcrafted blouse is the product of hundreds of years of tradition, featuring expert embroidery and stitchwork. These are more than just cute spring shirts – they represent a way for the women in these communities to earn a living and support their families by using the traditional textile crafts they learned from their mothers and grandmothers.

We partner with more than 600 artisans from all over Mexico, incorporating their detailed traditional handcrafts into every one of our women’s spring blouses and ladies’ spring tops. This allows us to bring you the perfect summer blouse for women, a delightfully detailed breezy cotton top decorated with some of the finest embroidery you’ll ever see.

Shop Mi Golondrina’s cute spring blouses today to support and empower our Mexican artisans and their communities. In return, you’ll get a one-of-a-kind wearable piece of art that is sure to become a favorite in your wardrobe.