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Lo siento hermosa, our pieces are one of a kind… Please contact us for more options.

Midi Dresses For Women

Browse Mi Golondrina’s collection of midi dresses for women. This collection features everything from simple sleeveless cuts to elegant, long-sleeved dresses for any occasion. Our midi dresses are hand-embroidered by over 600 artisans throughout Mexico and take over 3 months to complete. Explore our classic short dress that is the perfect dress for warm spring days.

Mi Golondrina’s partners with artisans from over 12 communities across Mexico. The unique embroidery styles serve as flags for the communities, representing the culture of the people who made them. Importantly, we pay these artisans fair wages. This is key to building sustainable, lasting relationships with these communities. All of our dresses are handcrafted to the highest of quality so that you will wear them for years to come. Explore other designs, like our floral collection, that features elegant French fabric detailed with hand-embroidery from San Antonino Castillo Velasco, Oaxaca.